Life Changer Project
One life and one body. Time to own it

This is a 12 month get yourself in the best condition of your life project. This is not a get thin quick program. We are going to work on you from the ground up by building a solid foundation of nutrition, constructing a healthy mindset around food, reinforce supporting skills, and end with you being amazing inside and out with you being in control of your body.

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This program is for that person who is looking to build the body and life that they want. In a year from now, do you want to be in the best shape of your life and armed with nutrition knowledge that will carry you the rest of your life? This is the program you have been looking for. You will work 1 on 1 with an online coach and go in depth into nutrition, mindset, limiting factors, and more to break free that person inside you want to be. 

Wait a minute you are asking me to sign up for a whole year, 365 days?????? Yes I am and for good reason. Lasting transformational change does not happen fast. Foundations need to be laid and then upon those foundations we will build a skill set that has been lacking in every diet that you have tried in the past. That's why you are here right? If those other diets had worked you wouldn't be seeking out another way. 

In this program you are going to climb through the ranks of your personal self until you are the leader of your life. No more bouncing around from diet to diet. No more feeling self conscious. No more embarrassment wearing a bathing suit. By the end of this program you are going to walk into a room and people are going to take notice. Not just because you will be rocking an awesome body, but because of the confidence you will gain, the energy you will be giving off, and the draw of people you will have who will want to know how you did it. 

12 months may seem long, but how many years have you been suffering carrying around all the emotional and physical weight? 12 short months and then you have the rest of your life.

Want one more reason? We offer a 100% refund at the end of the program as long as you are 85% compliant if you are not satisfied with the changes you have made inside and out. How many programs and diets have you come across that offer that? We are that confident in this program and the effectiveness of it.

Time to be the leader of your life

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Game Changer Project
Time to win back your body

Give us 6 months to build a body and mindset that will have you at the top of your game.

If it was easy to lose weight and keep it off everyone would be doing it. That is not reality. It takes a proven system, accountability, desire to change, and consistency. We are going to forge a team. By signing up with the Alpha Human Project, you are going to get a proven system and accountability, and you are going to bring the desire and consistency. Unlike magazine diets and flashy fat blasts, we are not trying to fit you into a mold. We work with the individual to facilitate a system that works for their life. We could just give you a bunch of information and send you on your way, but what good would that do you? You can google all the information you want, but without action and structure on how to use it and integrate it into your life, it is useless. 

> Game On!!!
Alpha Human Project

Alpha Human Project  - Month to Month no commitment

Get the blueprint to start building the body you want for the rest of your life.  

Are you overwhelmed with the plethora of information and diets that are out there?

Have you tried more diets than you can count and end up with the same results? It's time to do something different and take a different approach. Most diets are addressing the symptom, but not the cause. That is why you have been able to lose weight before, but gain it all back and then some. You never fixed your underlying condition which is behaviors that do not support a healthy lifestyle. 

In this program you will learn and apply skills that will have you being in control of your life. You no longer have to be controlled by food and carry the weight of that. It's time to break the cycle and break free the strong person that is inside of you.

Some of the skills are going to sound extremely simple, but in no way are they easy. 

What makes a successful program? Accountability, a system that gives repeatable results, and consistency. You will get all of that and more. Many clients walk away with so much more than losing a few pounds. They learn a new mindset, life skills, renewed strength and confidence in themselves. 

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